Fabrics for hand bags

If you’re in the mood for a new sewing project, creating handbags can be a lot of fun. There are tons of different designs to look into, from simply clutches to saddle bags to Hobo bags, Jelly Kelly’s and more. No matter what you end up making, you have to realize that your handbag is only as strong as the material you use to construct it. You don’t see nylon bags very often for a reason. Looking for style and durability isn’t that tough of a task though. Consider some of the ideas below when you start making your handbags.

Handbag fabrics

MJTrends sells fabrics for hand bags

Talk about a fabric that will draw some attention. Snakeskin has always had a sex appeal about it that people just adore. Snakeskin is also very strong though, making it an excellent choice for your handbag project. You can use if just for accents or you can make a whole bag out of it. That’s up to you. Note that you have a lot of color options going this route – from black and white all the way up to bright red or blue.

If vinyl is good enough to support greasy old men riding on the seats of their motorcycles, it should be just fine for your handbag. Indeed, you can find vinyl on motorcycle seats, as well as many bar stools and fashion pieces. If you opt to use it for your handbag, you’ll find a variety of colors to choose from. All vinyl has a sort of dull shine to it that makes it stand out in a crowd without being too flashy. Use that to your advantage.

Faux Fur
This is definitely a popular fabric option. People love the look of fur because it screams high class, but to reduce the cruelty a bit, you can enlist in fake fur to do the job. You get the same look without sacrificing an animal along the way. Faux fur is very durable, and it’s super soft to the touch. You can make a cute handbag out of zebra print or cheetah spots, and you can bet that you will get compliments about it.

Leather can get a bit hot at times, but it still looks really cool no matter what you wear it with. Leather has that sort of bad girl vibe that men end up drooling over each and every time. You can pair leather with a lot of the aforementioned fabrics to create a unique design all your own. Faux fur, for instance, looks great with leather trim and handles. Snakeskin is the same way, or you could even have a leather bag with snakeskin straps. The choices are endless. Just play around and you should make something great.

Huh? Yes, believe it or not you can use rubber for making handbags. It has a bit of a bounce to it and shouldn’t be used for every design, but it might be fun for a bag or two. It’s unique and unexpected, so you should get a lot of dropped jaws from incorporating that fabric. It’s one of those pieces that you wear once, people remember it, and then you retire it to save the specialness.

Fabric for hand bags

Fabric for making hand bags: MJTrends

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