Patent Vinyl Fabric for Handbags

Vintage hand bag fabric ad.

MJTrends sells patent vinyl fabric.

Making handbags can be a lot of fun, but only if you have some good fabric to use along the way. There are a lot of great looks out there to play with, and patent vinyl just happens to be one of those fabrics that you can do a whole lot with. Whether the vinyl is just an accent piece or the start of the bag, you can use it for just about every project. Below are some different ideas that you can pull from to make a handbag with patent vinyl on it.


You can have the simplest bag in the world, but with the right trim around the edges, it can still be a jaw dropper. The sheen of vinyl is often too much for some people to use for a full bag, so putting it right around the edges still allows it to be on the design without being too overpowering. You might go with a black leather bag that could be accented with hot pink vinyl trim, or maybe even some black and white snakeskin framed in grey shine. Add a punch of color and pizzazz to the edges of an otherwise boring bag.


The handles of your handbag might not be needed for anything beyond sticking the bag over your shoulder, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made of something fun too. Vinyl is strong enough to support the weight of most bags, so consider just using it on the straps if you don’t want a fully vinyl accessory. With a ton of different colors to choose from, you should find the accent that is just right for your project.


To add that personal touch to your bag, you could consider putting a vinyl monogram on it. A simple letter in the corner or right in the center would make the bag slightly unique. You could even go as far as putting your whole name on the bag in vinyl, but that may be a bit busy for your liking. One letter though will do the trick.


You can mix vinyl with other fabrics by perhaps creating a striped pattern of coordinating colors. You could actually do this with just a bunch of colors of vinyl, but you could also work in some faux fur or leather with the vinyl in a wild striped pattern guaranteed to get a few double takes. If you see some different pieces that you think look good together, turn on that sewing machine and make it happen.

Entire Bag

Of course, you can always make an entire handbag out of patent vinyl if you so choose. A lot of times this option works best for smaller bags because bright vinyl can be a bit of an eyesore if you use too much of it. It can also overpower an outfit and leave you looking somewhat out of place in a crowd of people. However, soft color choices do broaden the options, so look for subtlety if you want a lot of vinyl to be in use.

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