Pros and Cons of Snake Skin

Snakeskin has that spice to it that just can’t be matched by other fabrics. It’s definitely a show stopper in the fabric world, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some disadvantages to it as well. If you want thinking about using snakeskin for your next handbag project, there are a few different things you might want to consider. Below are some pros and cons you can weigh to make your final design decision.

Using real snakeskin isn’t exactly the most affordable option out there. The fact is that it is a high quality fabric that comes along with an equally high price tag. Rather than being discouraged by this, however, you could just look into getting some faux snakeskin. This is an incredibly affordable alternative, and most people can’t even tell the difference between the two different kinds of fabrics. Those that can would likely turn their nose up at your anyways for making your own handbag, so why bother with them? Use the fabric you want to at the price you can afford.

Fabric for handbags

Fabric for handbags:

Snakeskin is definitely a strong fabric to use in a handbag, so it’s great for people who carry more than just their money around. Even still, snakeskin works great in small quantities, so you can still use it to make a fun clutch out of. Paired with something really strong like leather, this fabric is practically unstoppable – even if you go with the faux options.

You can find snakeskin in a lot of different colors, so you have some room to play around if you choose to use it. You can find everything under the rainbow, from neutrals to neons. Depending on the project, you could use a number of different snakeskin fabrics to mesh with whatever colors you have going on at the time.

Indeed, snakeskin just comes with a biker/bad boy reputation that a lot of people love to emulate. In the same regard, there are those that wish to avoid such reputations, in which case snakeskin might not be ideal. There is a bit of sex appeal in this fabric that you can’t find anywhere else, so if you’re looking for something to get the guys at the club looking, this will definitely do the trick.

It isn’t always an appropriate fabric choice for a handbag. This is because certain events call for a level of class that snakeskin might not be able to provide. However, if you have the right style of handbag, you can make snakeskin work in even the most formal of occasions. Some people say it looks trashy, but they can’t say that if you use it subtly and with the right pattern for your bag. Colors will also come into play here, so don’t think about using bright blue snakeskin for your briefcase. Keep everything simple, neutral, end elegant. Then you can still have the venom you want without getting a bit from the boss.

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