Supplies for making hand bags

If you are looking to make your own handbag, there are a few different things you’ll need to get started. First and foremost, put your design hat on. Be prepared to get creative and really wow people that pass you by on the streets. Simplicity and intricacy alike can be eye catching if you go about it the right way. Got that hat on? Good. Listed below are some essentials to handbag creation.

You can always make your own patterns for your handbags, but usually it’s easier to get some from a fabric store or catalog online. Know what kind of handbag you want (clutch, tote, hobo bag, etc) and find a pattern that you can cut out your fabric from. You don’t have to abide by the pattern entirely, but it gives you a good base point to elaborate from.

Fabric for hand bags

Fabric for making hand bags: MJTrends

Sewing Machine
Of course you need a sewing machine so you can stitch everything together. Even though hand stitching is an option, it is far more work for a far less consistent or durable result. You don’t have o have a fancy machine to get the job done, and you can even rent a sewing machine if you want.  If you’ve got a friend with one, offer to sew her a cool handbag in exchange for some use. Everybody wins then.

A good pair of fabric scissors will go a long way. Too many people go for the cheap dollar store scissors when working with fabric, and each and every time it ends in disaster. You need the sharp scissor blade that come in those pricey but necessary fabric scissors. If you get a good pair and don’t use them on anything but fabrics, they should last for decades.

Cutting Matte
It’s always a good idea to have a cutting matte whenever you are working on a craft project. This is a rubber base that you can slice into without damaging the table surface below. It’s just like a cutting board for a kitchen, but it’s not as stiff and typically comes with a grid on top for easy measuring.

You need to have some pins to use to hold various components of the handbag in place. You can get these very affordably just about anywhere – even in gas station sexing kits. Just get a pin cushion to shove them all into and start piecing things together.

When selecting a fabric for your handbag, you want something that is stylish and strong at the same time. Faux leather, vinyl, snakeskin, and faux fur are all excellent choices to play around with. You can mix and match different colors or patterns, or even different fabrics altogether. It’s up to you.

Not all handbags need zippers, so this part will depend on your chosen design. If your handbag look does need one though, make sure you think about the length when making a purchase. Unlike fabric that you can just trim to size, zippers are set in their length. Plan around that.

Handbag fabrics

MJTrends sells fabrics for hand bags

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