Using Snake skin

Snake skin is definitely a fabric with a reputation. From sexy shoes to hot handbags, this fabric is definitely made to get attention. It’s durable, fashionable, and versatile, and you might have a lot of fun using it within your next home made handbag. For a few ideas for your next project, consider the options below.

Piece Together Different Colors
Snakeskin comes in a lot of different colors – more than most people realize. You can use that to your advantage and make funky handbags with snakeskin collages. You can have triangular pieces that all patch together to construct the bag, or you could just go with a simple striped pattern. The bag will still look good because using the same type of fabric provides cohesion.

Fabric for handbags

Fabric for handbags:

Make Patches
Even if you don’t have a hole in a bag, you can still make a patch to put on it for an extra pop of fabric. Snakeskin can be the perfect pop for any occasion. You can have a plain beige tote, but by sticking snakeskin patches all over it, you’ve added a flair that will get people talking. You can make the patches square, round, triangular, or just bizarre. It’s really up to you.

Add a Snake Made from Snakeskin
Crazy idea, right? Well, you can actually get a bit literal and put a snakeskin snake on your handbag. Start by finding a good template to base the snake off of, and then cut and sew the fabric accordingly. You could make the straps look like the body of the snake and then just have the head on the actual bag, or you could have the snake wrapping around the bag. You could even make a few different snakes to put on there. Get your fangs on and start creating.

Use for the Sides
Some handbag designs just have a front and a back, but others have two side pieces as well. If you want a cool accent for your handbag, you could use the snakeskin there. Maybe you just have a simple black patent vinyl front and back to the bag. You can give it some spunk by putting green snakeskin on the side, or even something as wild as bright blue. You could, of course, reverse that idea and make the snakeskin the front and back. That’s your choice.

Make a Pocket
If you want the snakeskin to have a purpose, use it for a pocket on the outside of the bag. That could be used for your cell phone, car keys, lipstick, or anything else that you may need to grab quickly. Sewing on a pocket is fairly simple because all you really have to do is sew an extra piece on the outside of a bag and leave an opening at the top. You can get a bit fancier though and use flaps or zippers in the design. As long as the pocket can secure your belongings, it’s doing its job.

Snake skin fabric for hand bags

Snake skin fabric for hand bags and more.

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