Styles of Handbags

If you’re a girl on the go, your handbag is probably your best friend. Those silly little pouches hold the whole world it sees, with everything from makeup to paychecks fitting deep within. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashionista or just a girl who needs some portable storage; chances are there is a style of handbag out there just for you. Here is a look at a few different options you have so that you might get inspiration for your next shopping trip.

Clutch handbags are made to carry very little and simply accessorize an outfit. Clutches have no straps and are usually no bigger than a small paperback novel. They can hold your cell phone, lip gloss, credit card, and car keys, but they really aren’t made for much more than that. A hot snake skin clutch is great for a night on the town, and sequenced clutches are great for formal events where less is more.

Fabric for handbags

Fabric for handbags:

Tote bags are typically seen in classrooms when teachers need to carry their book around. A tote is a very simple handbag that is large enough to fit books in and has a basic strap on top for carrying. In essence, it functions just like a paper bag would from a grocery store, but it’s a bit more stylish and durable. Typically totes are made out of some sort of natural fabric (beige in color), but that’s not to say that people don’t jazz things up. Leather totes can be sleek and functional if you give them a chance.

Hobo Bag
A hobo bag is very simple but can hold a lot when need be. It is just a crescent shaped holder that’s big enough to carry all the “fixins”. In essence, you could take a ton of stuff with you, just like a hobo might need to. You can find hobo bags in an array of colors and fabrics, but some fun fabrics to look at would be vinyl or snake skin. You can also see faux animal print handbags or just plain cotton ones if that’s what you like.

This style of handbag, like the name may indicate, looks a bit like a loaf of bread. It is long and rounded, and it can carry more than a clutch but less than a backpack. The unique shape allows you to ft things into this handbag that you might not fit in others, such as a set of pencils (great for traveling artists) or long handled makeup brushes. Baguettes are usually seen with personal monograms on them or featuring a striped or bold pattern.

This is the bag for the soccer moms out there. Satchels are large handbags that allow you to carry everything but the kitchen sink in one stylish container. Satchels are made for the long haul and are often both durable and fashionable at the same time. Fabric choices for these bags range from simplistic cotton or polyester all the way up to leather and vinyl. What you choose is up to you.

Snake skin fabric for hand bags

Snake skin fabric for hand bags and more.